Join Jen for an intensive 4-day workshop, where you'll re-connect to your "why", reflect on what has been keeping you stuck, and create the work/life blend so you can show up as your BEST-SELF!  

4-Day Virtual Workshop, 9:30-11:30 am EST
Now offering two sessions:
June 26-29, 2023
July 31-August 3, 2023

Empowered Educator Summer Series


Educators today have tremendous, and often overwhelming, responsibilities that make it hard to foresee a sustainable future teaching. So much seems out of your control...until you learn the strategies that give you back your power!

Empowered Educator is a research-based framework leveraging concepts of mindset, emotional intelligence, and cognitive neuroscience, to shift the focus on the social/emotional well-being of the adults in schools. With this game-changing professional development, you will prevent and reduce feelings of burnout, create the work/life blend of your dreams, and gain the introspective tools to make massive impact on your students and communities you serve.

You Have the Most Important Job in the World. 

You Deserve to Love it.

Summer Series Workshop Schedule

Discover that you are not your brain — you are a person who has a brain. 

Day 2: 

Understand how your brain functions under stress, anxiety and overwhelm. 

Adjust the way you respond to stressful situations to allow for self-regulation.. 

Learn how to leverage your power of choice.

This is your brain on EVERYTHING 

Uncover our shared challenges, and start to create solution-based plans to navigate through them with ease. 

Day 1:

Reconnect to the reason you wanted to become a teacher, and compare it to why you teach now. 

Learn strategies to uphold healthy boundaries and stay connected to your “why” so you can show up as the teacher in your vision.

Establish your “why,” which will serve as an internal compass for all of your decision-making. 

Explore your vision and what it actually looks like — this is your north star. 

Mission and Vision: The Foundation

Transform subconscious thoughts into conscious, empowered awareness.

Become a more resonant leader, driving a positive culture at school. 

Day 4: 

Increase your self-awareness and strengthen your “notice muscle.” 

Increase your social-awareness to improve communication with students and colleagues.

Develop self-regulation skills to make new, conscious choices about how to respond in any given situation. 

Elevating Your Emotional Intelligence 

Uncover hidden beliefs, biases, and perceptions that are unconsciously limiting your ability to grow. 

Day 3: 

Create a consistent reflection practice as you continuously improve as a teacher.

Engage in constructive self-assessments of your teaching practice. 

Discover the incredible power of your language. 

Reflection and Intention 

Foster a culture of empathy and change the paradigm of leadership. 

Learn how to give and receive effective feedback. 

You’ll Also Get:

Permanent access to a supportive Facebook community of like-minded educators, the Empowered Educator workbook, 30-day access to all virtual sessions.


"The Empowered Educator program provided a space for catharsis this school year."

I left each session feeling renewed and excited to bring new resources and techniques back to the classroom. While the material was focused mostly on teacher wellness, the activities I did with my students had a positive impact on them too!!

- andrew g. 

"This course is FABULOUS! Jen has helped me reconnect to my why, especially during this pandemic."

She is so warm and kind that talking to her about experiences is so incredibly easy. She has filled my teaching and life toolbox with so many resources.

- whitney f.

Professor, SUNY Binghamton, NY


"This course empowers you to become the best version of yourself. It gives you energy, balance, and a newfound happiness. Doing the work makes you feel like you've just been on vacation and can refocus on the task at hand. Self-care in this format is no joke!" 

Only $350

June 26-29, 2023


July 31-August 3, 2023



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