hi! i’m jen.


I’m deeply committed to transforming how educators show up for themselves and in turn, their students and school communities.

I quickly realized that while burnout was exacerbated by the pandemic, the underlying issue required introducing a new paradigm of teaching; one that prioritizes social-emotional well-being to transform how educators show up for their students, colleagues and themselves.

I founded Empowered Educator®  in 2020 as a response to teacher burnout from the pandemic. 

During my first year in the classroom I realized that although I felt prepared with my content knowledge, pedagogy and philosophy, I had no idea who my students were. As a result, I dove into the research about how we learn through the lens of cognitive neuroscience which led me to pursue my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. Throughout my career I have come to believe that the most generous thing educators can do for their students is take care of themselves.

where i started

My research has led to some incredible opportunities including a feature in Authority Magazine, Medium, Thrive Global and Voyage MIA. I am a TEDx speaker and the author of the Amazon bestseller, A Place in the Staff: Finding Your Way as a Music Teacher. My podcast, Take Notes, is in the top 3% of global podcasts.

My insatiable curiosity continues to make the Empowered Educator®  programs relevant and reflective of the most up-to-date research in mindset, leadership, and cognitive neuroscience. I am committed to inspiring teachers and school leaders to discover their voice and maintain a healthy longevity throughout their careers.

I began as a public school music teacher for 15 years in Central New York.

Since its inception, I’ve reached teachers and school leaders all over the world through Empowered Educator® . 

I believe the most generous thing you can do for other people is take care of yourself.

8 Tenets of an


Is an emotionally intelligent leader.


Uses their voice to advocate for their professional needs.


Recognizes the power of language.


Prioritizes their overall well-being.


Develops a consistent reflective practice.


Has an unwavering professional mission.


Unlocks their crystal clear vision.


Understands cognitive neuroscience and psychology of learning.

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