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Your days are stressful, and you can't seem to turn off your mind - even in the middle of the night! You might have tried meditation before, but can't seem to get the hang of it (or think you're not so good at it!). These beginner meditations were created with that in mind. This will help you manage stress, increase patience, and feel confident starting a meditation practice. 

As an educator, you have so many things on your plate and sometimes it's hard to keep your head above water (which leaves your body in a constant stress and fight or flight). The Dopa-Menu was designed to help you find healthy activities that will bring about more of the feel-good neurotransmitter, dopamine. Get your Dopa-Menu today and start creating the "dopamine dings" you need to experience more pleasure, reward, and motivation. Your nervous system will thank you!

Beginner Guided Meditations

Create Your Dopa-Menu

Your child's teacher doesn't need another mug or want another candle. Give them what they NEED and what will support them in their important work. 


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Treat Your Teacher Gift Bundle!


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Take Notes

Here we move education in new directions by exploring the intersection between education and the social sciences. Guests include experts in the fields of neuroscience, marketing, psychology, economics, innovation, creativity, advertising and of course, outstanding educators.


with Jen Rafferty


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A Place in the Staff:

Teaching is a long journey of constant growth. The first few years of your career can feel like trial by fire, but it’s what happens afterwards that separates the mediocre teachers from the great ones. You’ve got what it takes to be the teacher you want to be, and A Place in the Staff will give you tools to help navigate through the challenges that come your way.

Jen will guide you through understanding your students and school culture, explore music advocacy, share resources about getting equipment, and remind you to take care of yourself. The workbook sections provide spaces to brainstorm ideas or capture moments of inspiration. These will become helpful as you continue to find your way as a music teacher.


by Jen Rafferty

Finding Your Way as a Music Teacher

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