Empowered Educator®  is a research-based, transformational program that prioritizes the social/emotional health of our educators to achieve systemic, long-term success for the entire school community.

Thriving Teachers Create Thriving School Communities

How can we expect our students to grasp social/emotional learning if we’re not able to lead by example? Empowered Educator shifts the focus from students to teachers and ventures way beyond
surface-level self-care to address the power of holistic social/emotional health.

In order to teach social/emotional learning, educators need to understand and model it themselves.

the root of the problem

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Jen inspires educators to connect to their “why” through a range of engaging topics, thought-starters and practical advice. Jen brings her energy, humor, and 15 years of classroom expertise to her interactive professional development opportunities — each tailored to your school’s specific needs.

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As a school leader, continuing to learn and grow is essential to having a positive impact on the lives of those you serve. Jen offers several options for holding yourself accountable for the personal and professional growth in your leadership development. She will work with you to find the resources that are right for you, so you can have a positive impact that will enrich your school community. 

Jen's keynote presentations inspire educators to connect to their "why" through a range of engaging topics, thought-starters, and practical advice. Jen brings her energy, humor, and 15 years of classroom expertise to her interactive speaking experiences - each tailored to your school's specific needs.

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Empowered Educator®  is a social/emotional workshop series designed for schoolwide application. This research-based, fully comprehensive program leverages mindset, emotional intelligence, and cognitive neuroscience to transform the social/emotional well-being of the adults in your school. 

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After 15 years in the classroom, Jen founded Empowered Educator®  in 2020 as a response to teacher burnout during the pandemic. She is known for bringing her energy, humor and expertise in her presentations while inspiring educators to stay connected to their “why.” Jen is a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.
Since its inception, Empowered Educator®  has reached thousands of teachers and school leaders all over the world. Jen has been featured in Authority Magazine, Medium, Thrive Global and Voyage MIA.  She is the author of the Amazon bestseller, A Place in the Staff: Finding Your Way as a Music Teacher, and was on the TEDx stage with her talk, Generational Change Begins with Empowered Teachers. Jen's podcast, Take Notes, is in the top 3% of global podcasts.

Jen’s insatiable curiosity continues to make Empowered Educator  programming relevant and reflective of the most up-to-date research in mindset, leadership and cognitive neuroscience. Her willingness to foster important conversations creates safe spaces for educators to talk about their concerns and actively solve problems. She is deeply committed to helping educators regain agency in how they show up for themselves and their school communities every day. Check out her news interview with NYC's Pix11.

Jen fundamentally believes that when teachers learn how to show up for themselves, it transforms how they show up for their students.


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Generational Change Begins with You

e-book: 24 Ways to Find Calm in Your Busy World

Listen to part of Jen's keynote as she shares why so many people are waiting for external conditions to make them feel better. Learn how to develop the self-awareness you need to value your self-worth and well-being.

At times, all of us get overwhelmed or stressed-it's just a part of life. Get this e-book with 24 strategies you can implement with little effort, to calm and center, and show up as your best-self!

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–  Terri H., high School Chemistry teacher

"Jen Rafferty is an exceptional speaker who is full of energy and positivity. She offers sound advice on how to be a better person through inner reflection. Her strategies for taking control of your thoughts are simple to follow, and have positive effects on your mental health, which translates into a better person at home and at work".

–  ERIN, Professional Learning and Innovation, Broome-Tioga Boces

“Jen is a passionate educator who has the ability to draw out other educators’ strengths, efficacy, and internal motivation. She helps teachers reflect on their why and inspires them to use that in order to grow their practice and increase student success.”


“Jen’s connection, intuition, and accessibility reiterates the power of listening to learn. For anyone itching to stretch and become the educator in their vision.” 

–  Sarah P., New York

“As a veteran teacher I had been giving in to negativity and cynicism. This class woke me up to the choices I can make to enjoy being a teacher and a human - despite the struggles. It pushed me to think about how I think and to focus on what is important - in the classroom and in life. Full of insights and renewal.” 

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