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1:1 Coaching

  • things being added to your plate with nothing coming off
  • diverse student needs that make classroom dynamics complex
  • feeling like you can't say "no" to what's being asked of you
  • feeling unsupported and isolated from others

  • ready to take back your agency and feel empowered
  • tired of the same routine that's keeping you stuck
  • looking for community and support
  • excited to learn new techniques and skills that can make your career sustainable

    If you're feeling the stress of:

      Then 1:1 coaching is for you if you're:
      That is where Empowered Educator® comes in, because you deserve the skills, confidence, and resilience to navigate the challenges of teaching that we can provide. Don't let burnout define your teaching career. Invest in yourself and your future with Empowered Educator® and experience the transformation that comes from 1:1 coaching so you can reignite your passion for teaching. 

      "Your impact is directly related to your ability to heal, grow, and expand."

      ~Jen Rafferty

      hi! i’m coach jillian.

      I'm a lover of all things that grow. I delight in the honor of holding safe, transformational space for educators to process, heal, and grow. The truth is, you already contain the answers within. When you are ready to access that truth, it's time to step into your power.

      Burning the candle at both ends isn't working anymore, and you've realized trying to be everything to everyone, at home and school, isn't sustainable.

      And, you can't keep up the same pace, day in and day out, expecting the outcome to change. You need to find new ways to deal with your exhaustion and overwhelm, and 1:1 coaching can provide the customized tools and practices that can support you doing exactly that.

      Scheduling a 1 hour virtual coaching session can be customized around any topic you’d like (vision, personal growth, professional goals, boundaries, self-care, social-emotional health, teamwork and conflict management, etc.), so you can get un-stuck and start living a life of joy and ease.

      Single Coaching Session

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      Investment:  $450.00

      To be the educator you want and NEED to be, you have to discover what that means in practice, and how to do it successfully and intentionally...and that takes time, accountability, and feedback. 

      Investing in a series of four virtual coaching sessions will allow you to rediscover your "why", enhance communication strategies to create healthy boundaries, develop a feasible work/life blend, and step up as the educator you have always dreamed of being!

      In four 1 hour sessions you will see faster results, with fine-tuned strategies and techniques, that will make your educational journey sustainable! 

      Four Session Coaching Package

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      it's time to prioritize yourself!!

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      Investment:  $1,600.00

      - Laurie orth, Edupreneur

      “Coaching with Jen has been so incredibly helpful. She goes right to the heart of the matter and gets me unstuck. If you have the opportunity to coach with Jen, DO IT!”

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      “Jen’s connection, intuition, and accessibility reiterates the power of listening to learn. For anyone itching to stretch and become the educator in their vision.” 

      –  Sarah P., New York

      “As a veteran teacher I had been giving in to negativity and cynicism. This class woke me up to the choices I can make to enjoy being a teacher and a human - despite the struggles. It pushed me to think about how I think and to focus on what is important - in the classroom and in life. Full of insights and renewal.” 

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