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The world is changing so rapidly, that the old ways of leading and managing are no longer serving our most important people. Give your school leaders the advantage they need by having them join in four days of learning that will blow the roof off their leadership skills, so they can transform their school community, inspire growth, and generate amazing personal and professional results.

6 Practices of Empowered Leadership


In today’s world, school leaders have tremendous responsibilities to keep their students and staff safe, create a sense of community, and continue to feel inspired. It is easy to fall into pressure and overwhelm in these high-stakes times. 

6 Practices of Empowered Leadership

Empowered Leaders approach every challenge with unshakeable commitment to show up as their best-selves in service to their school communities. They embrace the social responsibility, and incredible opportunity they have to contribute to the evolution of our world and the beautiful beings in it.

This is a new paradigm of leadership!

Leverage the most up-to-date research on mindset, leadership, and cognitive neuroscience, so they can effectively elevate practices...


Regulate their nervous system, so they function proactively instead of reactively and come from a place of ease and calm...

Use their voice, so they can stop playing small and unapologetically model leadership for others...

Create a work/life blend, so they can show up as their best-selves and have longevity in their career...

What would that mean for your school community?



Reconnect to the reason you wanted to become a school leader and discover ways to embody and activate your mission.

Establish your “why,” which will serve as an internal compass for all of your decision-making.

Create your vision - the next-level you as a leader— this will be your north star.

 Practice of Purpose and Direction


Practice of Intentional Mindset

Leverage the power of metacognition and neuroplasticity to understand how your brain functions under stress.

Transform subconscious thoughts into conscious, empowered awareness.

Create a consistent reflection practice as you continuously grow and expand as a leader.

Practice of Uncovering Hidden Biases

Recognize blind spots to uncover our shared challenges, and start to create a solution-based plan to navigate through them with ease.

Discover hidden beliefs and perceptions that are unconsciously limiting your ability to grow and connect.

Examine trauma-informed strategies to understand how your paradigms impact the way you respond to every situation.

Practice of Effective Communication

Practice the power of relating to increase social-awareness for improving communication with students and colleagues.

Look inward to initiate positive change and create a culture of community at your school.

Learn how to give/receive feedback and leverage the power of your language.

Practice of Reconnection and Renewal

Create healthy boundaries

Connect to the sacrifice/renewal cycle

Design the work/life blend of your dreams

Practice of Emotional Intelligence

Increase your self-awareness and strengthen your "notice" muscle".

Move from judgment to curiosity for better understanding.

Foster a culture of empathy and change the paradigm of leadership.

what people are saying


“Do not hesitate to do this workshop, it will be the most beneficial PD for your work life and your personal life. I am so impressed with Jen’s demeanor and empowerment. Best PD ever!"


"This course empowers you to become the best version of yourself. It gives you energy, balance, and a newfound happiness. Doing the work makes you feel like you've just been on vacation and can refocus on the task at hand. Self-care in this format is no joke!" 

–  ROB D.

"Undoubtedly a must! Jen presents very genuinely and is attentive/acknowledging to responses and individual experiences. Loved her confirming individuals' stories and feelings, then going deeper with her comments giving attention to cause and effect!!! Awesome!"