You've watched your staff struggle with endless demands, and little time for taking care of themselves, and you know they can't continue putting in 110% effort indefinitely. Isn't it time you invested in a keynote speaker (live or virtual) that can help the people under your care to:
  • maintain healthy longevity throughout their career
  • learn to handle conflicts with confidence
  • use strategies for self-regulation throughout the day
  • show up as their best-selves, and
  • have concrete strategies to integrate into their practices

the well-being of a school is dependent on the well-being of its educators!


Generational Change Begins with Empowered Educators

Activate Your Why

Tuning Up for Longevity

Elevating Your Emotional Intelligence - Focusing on Inputs for Improved Outcomes

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(Based on Jen's viral TEDx talk) As teachers, we are in the business of making generational change. This is the most important job in the world. However, when we come from a place of stress, frustration and exhaustion, we are unable to show up for our students as our best selves. Our children are watching us and it is our responsibility to embrace and embody the idea that the most generous thing we can do for them, is take care of ourselves.

As the years go by, it can be easy to forget the reason you wanted to be an educator in the first place. However, simply remembering your "why" isn't enough to inspire action. When you activate and embody your "why" it can serve as a guidepost for all of your professional priorities and decision making. Ultimately this will lead you towards greater satisfaction at work, and the ability to maintain a healthy longevity throughout your career. 

Let’s shift the idea of work/life balance to work/life blend. Work and life are not two sides of a coin that need to be balanced. Instead, work and life exist in tandem and should be addressed as such. Participants will learn how to recognize when something is out of alignment and gain concrete strategies to maintain a healthy longevity throughout your career.

In this interactive workshop, we will explore the four pillars of emotional intelligence so you can elevate your self-awareness, understand strategies for self-regulation, increase your social-awareness and gain tactics to manage relationships with ease. When the focus shifts from external circumstances to internal awareness, you will allow yourself to make empowered choices. Elevating your emotional intelligence will enable you to become a resonant educator, driving a more positive culture at school. 

what people are saying

–  Terri H., high School Chemistry teacher

"Jen Rafferty is an exceptional speaker who is full of energy and positivity. She offers sound advice on how to be a better person through inner reflection. Her strategies for taking control of your thoughts are simple to follow, and have positive effects on your mental health, which translates into a better person at home and at work".

–  ERIN, Professional Learning and Innovation, Broome-Tioga Boces

“Jen is a passionate educator who has the ability to draw out other educators’ strengths, efficacy, and internal motivation. She helps teachers reflect on their why and inspires them to use that in order to grow their practice and increase student success.”


“Jen’s connection, intuition, and accessibility reiterates the power of listening to learn. For anyone itching to stretch and become the educator in their vision.” 

–  Sarah P., New York

“As a veteran teacher I had been giving in to negativity and cynicism. This class woke me up to the choices I can make to enjoy being a teacher and a human - despite the struggles. It pushed me to think about how I think and to focus on what is important - in the classroom and in life. Full of insights and renewal.” 

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