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A research-based, customizable workshop series that will transform the way your teachers show up for themselves and their students every day.


Generational change begins when entire communities commit to creating safe places for everyone to become their best-selves. Students thrive when they are surrounded by thriving adults. Empowered Educator® provides comprehensive, research-based programming that leverages concepts of mindset, emotional intelligence, and cognitive neuroscience to give you the tools to cultivate a culture of compassion, awareness, and empathy. Everyone who interacts with students is an educator, which is why establishing a universal language of empowerment with ALL stakeholders provides the solid foundation needed for student success.

Empowered Educator®  is a pioneering professional development program focused on the social/emotional well-being of the adults in schools, guiding teachers with concrete strategies to prevent burnout and maintain longevity in their career.

  • create high functioning teams with motivated and engaged teachers
  • give students the support they need to increase academic success and resiliency
  • experience a sense of peace and calm that enhances the culture of the entire school community, and
  • create personalized strategies to make their educational career sustainable

Empowered Educator Schools can:


Support Staff

Office Staff


Empowered Educator Schools programs 

Students will learn to identify limiting beliefs, do away with self-sabotaging behavior, and negative self-talk. In creating their own toolbox of mind-power knowledge, they will embrace and overcome life's challenges by knowing their true self, loving who they are unapologetically, and in-turn, have compassion and connection with all those around them.

School leaders have a tremendous responsibility to keep their students and staff safe, create a sense of community, and continue to feel inspired. The 6 Practices of Empowered Leaders will guide your administrative team to become the best version of themselves and lead from a place of ease, and calm.

The series of workshops designed for teachers focuses on teachers' social-emotional health, guiding them with concrete strategies to prevent burnout and maintain longevity in their career. Empowered teachers empower their students and in turn, the effect on their school community will become a part of their legacy.

Support staff have an extremely important role in the school ecosystem. Their ability to assist in classroom instruction and student learning requires great attention to detail and excellent communication. This training will give them the skills needed to take care of themselves so they can effectively work with their students and co-teachers.

Often considered the face of the building, the office staff have incredible opportunity to set the tone. The skills learned in this training will make a positive impression on everyone at the school, starting with the staff themselves. 

Through the practices of Empowered Parenting, you will discover how to drop the guilt, and shift your priorities to discover that the most generous thing you can do for your children is take care of yourself. This mindset shift will increase your consciousness and self-awareness to enable your children to be the happiest kids on the block.



"The well-being of a school depends on the well-being of its educators."


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–  Stacie H., Director, GST Teacher Center

“Staff have told me that they feel reinvigorated, more balanced, and engaged in education since taking part in the Empowered Educator series. They appreciate Jen's perspective and understanding of the struggles educators face and her positive approach to empowerment.”

Empowered teachers empower their students and in turn, your effect on your school community will become a part of your legacy.