Retention happens with a PLAN!
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July 10, 17, & 24
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Teacher Retention Masterclass Series

It is no secret that teacher attrition is a major problem. In the 2021-2022 school year, teacher turnover reached an all-time high of 12%-14% and principal turnover was even higher at 21%-23%!

We know this is not serving our kids.
We know high turnover rates affect student learning.
We know we need to do better.

So the question becomes....WHAT IS THE RETENTION PLAN?

The truth is, the well-being of the school is dependent on the well-being of its educators. And if they are not well, they will continue to leave.

So let’s change the story.

Are you willing to let another year go by doing the same thing that's always been done? Or, are you ready to take an honest look at what needs to shift so you can create a plan to give you the results you want?

Teacher turnover isn't a new problem, but it's a SOLVABLE one!

How is teacher attrition affecting your school culture?

Are you feeling frustrated with the number of staff leaving each year?

Do you have a comprehensive retention plan that works?

Ask yourself:

WHAT'S INCLUDED in the masterclass SERIES:

July 10 - The Secret to Teacher Retention
July 17 - Mastering Change Management
July 24 - Empowering Teachers: The Emotionally Intelligent School Leader

Illuminate hidden retention opportunities

Create an actionable plan that will keep retention rates high and uphold the integrity of the learning environment in your school.

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~ Dr. Julie Schmidt Hasson

"Schools can't become the best places for students to learn and grow unless we make them the best places for TEACHERS to work and grow".

Start your teacher retention plan today!



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