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Just getting through each day isn't how you want to spend your career, is it?  Instead of surviving, it's time to THRIVE! 

This self-paced course is going to give you the tools and strategies to put yourself first, embody SEL standards, change how you react in situations, and allow you to embrace each day with a renewed sense of EMPOWERMENT!

Registration is now open for the next cohort that starts April 1, 2024. 



In today’s world, educators have tremendous responsibilities and it can be difficult to make lasting changes that will enable you to maintain healthy longevity throughout your career and have the massive impact you want to have in this world. THRIVE will give you the strategies to create the work/life blend you love so you can show up each day feeling inspired and ready to make a massive impact on the students in your classroom.

Online Course

Empowered Educators approach every challenge with unshakeable commitment to show up as their best-selves in service to their school communities. All Empowered Educator programming is aligned with the SEL competencies as outlined by New York State SEL benchmarks (this includes ADULTS). Find out more information about the standards HERE.

If we want our students to have functional SEL skills, we need to EMBODY and MODEL them. Empowered Educators nurture Empowered Learners!

This is a new paradigm for educators!

in a constant state of burnout

you've lost sight of your WHY or your purpose

stressed, tense, exhausted, or hopeless

"It is what it is", & you just have to push through day after day

you're not showing up as your best-self

unsure how to help your students struggling emotionally

if you are feeling...

"This is a life-changing experience that everyone should take!"

"I would say that it is extremely worthwhile, and you will learn a LOT about how to help yourself. Without self-help, you won't be able to help others." 

"It immediately makes you take notice of you and your place in life (both at school and at home), and gives you a sense of security in knowing that it is okay to feel the feels, and be assertive to do what is right for yourself."

"Thrive helped me in a positive manner not only as a teacher but it also helped me become a better human!"

what people are saying

~Bobbie W.

~Kristi M.

~Lauren W.

~Jeremy W.

Thrive includes:

On-going community support 

Certificate of Completion for 15 hours of Empowered Educator training

15 hours of virtual professional development

Empowered Educator workbook

3 month access to:
  • content on a private audio feed for listener convenience
  • a self-paced video/audio library
  • Empowered Educator group coaching sessions each month

Metacognition/Art & Science of Paying Attention

Uncovering Hidden Biases

Well-being (Sacrifice/Renewal Cycle/Creating Healthy Boundaries)


Emotional Intelligence

Power of Language and Advocacy


Course Outline

what people are saying

–  Kat C.

"I’m obsessed with Empowered Educator which has helped me change my mindset in fundamental ways. For the teachers out there, it’s like Growth Mindset for adults!  Jen’s workshops and coaching have helped me immeasurably by giving me practical tips about how to not let my “monkey brain” run my life."


“Do not hesitate to do this workshop, it will be the most beneficial PD for your work life and your personal life. I am so impressed with Jen’s demeanor and empowerment. Best PD ever!"


"This course empowers you to become the best version of yourself. It gives you energy, balance, and a newfound happiness. Doing the work makes you feel like you've just been on vacation and can refocus on the task at hand. Self-care in this format is no joke!" 

–  ROB D.

"Undoubtedly a must! Jen presents very genuinely and is attentive/acknowledging to responses and individual experiences. Loved her confirming individuals' stories and feelings, then going deeper with her comments giving attention to cause and effect!!! Awesome!"

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